We want to send a thank you to everyone who supported our powder coating portion of our business over the last 6 years! We have decided to stop offering the powder coated products. It was a hard decision but it is best for this chapter of our families life. While we won't be offering powder coating we will still have a few items for Jeeps but we will be opening a new store through Etsy as it is easiest to focus on our business and not all the "boring" stuff through there. We are now under our LAVA LUX business (that we started in 2022 & just added to Etsy). It is our laser & candles shop with a kick of some Jeep products (of course that are carefully selected because of copyright). You can find us at lavaluxlaser.etsy.com and follow our store because we are adding more Jeep products weekly! We love helping fellow Jeepers personalize and customize their Jeeps & again our family says thank you so much! You can also follow us on Facebook as that is our most interactive social platform.

About us

Makani Covers began in 2018. While we are known for our Jeep specific powder coating we powder coat all types of products. Previously we focused on non-conventional powder coating that can all be done online, however we will be offering services locally in Kingsland, Georgia from powder coating to sandblasting. We are also a dealer for Crawlhers, Off Road Vixens and a dealer for over 400 aftermarket companies. Order from us and pick up in store or have us powder coat your products for you.